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[ Ref. 10640A ]

Lowers cylinder head temps
Allows advanced ignition, timing and more horsepower
Reduce operating temperatures by up to 20°
Protects the entire system from rust
Prevents corrosion, electrolytes and deposits that cause leaks, overheating, and cooling system failures
For street vehicles requiring freeze protection, add 1 bottle to 50/50 mix.
For racing and high performance applications, add 2 bottles to straight water coolant for maximum temperature reduction.
One bottle treats up to 19 litres of a 50/50 water antifreeze mix. Two bottles are required for straight water coolant.
For passenger cars, light trucks and SUV's use every 30ꯠ miles. For racing applications use every race as needed. DIRECTIONS With engine off and cool, shake bottle and pour into radiator.
Start engine, turn heat on high and run for 10-15 minutes to circulate through entire cooling system.
If straight water coolant is used, tap water or softened water is recommended.
DO NOT use distilled water unless mixed with 50% antifreeze.

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